19 Nov 2012

French Tip Trick Nails

Happy Friday everybody!  Last night I got an email asking about how to do french tips, and I realized it’s one of the more common questions on the site, so wanted to do a quick breakdown on one of the tricks for making french tips a little easier.  If you’re not ready to freehand the tips, and aren’t really happy with the flatline you get with using tape, here’s your fix: rubber bands.
Because they’re so pliable they’re going to be able to really bend to the shape of your nail without puckering like tape and can help create a more natural tip outline.  I’ll usually start with a smaller rubber band and then knot it in half, like so:
rubber band french tips
Then (and forgive the angle on this, it’s really hard taking a picture in this position for some reason) I’ll use that to slip one loop over the top of my nail and the other over my thumb to help anchor the rubber band/pull it taut enough that it won’t wiggle out of place.  I like to use the mounds of my fingertips to sort of determine where the line starts and stops: if you’re wrapping the rubber band over a lot of skin you’re probably going to get a pretty deep tip in the end (insert “that’s what she said” joke here).
french tip tutorial
french tip nails
You can use any polish or paint you want to go in and drop some color (or just white) onto that tip of nail that’s left exposed.  If you’ve got acrylic paint on hand I’d really suggest using that since it won’t slide and slip as much as nail polish (once you put it on there, it’s on… and if you screw up monumentally it just takes a little water to fix)… but polish is fine.  Just don’t glob a lot on there, work in thin layers if you need to build up the color — this will help keep the polish from bleeding out on the sides of your nails.
Finish it off with a topcoat and voila, you’ve got yourself some easy french tips!
French Tip Trick Nails
how to do a french manicure
This mani, for the record, is on a FOUR coat base of Essie Bags to Riches, which even then wasn’t a great cover with some odd bare spots, so I used some gold embossing powder to fill in the more naked bits… frustrating, because I like the color a lot, but can’t be bothered with that sort of application.  And yep, the tip color is in cream and not white.  :)                  By NailNerd.com
Essie Bags to Riches

Christmas Nail Art with Santa Claus Design

People all around the globe are waiting for most magical night of the year- “Christmas”. Christmas occasion is undoubtedly one of the most awaited time of the year, and people celebrate this day by throwing parties and gifting amazing presents.
For festive parties, along with sexy Christmas dresses and makeup, nowadays women also give attention to their nails. Decorating the nails for different festivals is becoming a hot fashion trend.
santa claus nailart
Christmas-themed nail designs usually includes Santa Claus designs, snowman images, snow flakes designs and chilly winter scenes. Exquisite Christmas nail art can be spiced up on nails for a fashionable look. You can flaunt your amazing creative ideas on nails at any holiday party.
snowman nailart
For a Christmas party, make Santa Claus face on nails. Santa Claus nail art is the most popular nail art designs for Christmas. For this, apply color as the base coat. Then make a circle in center of nail representing Santa’s face with skin color.
Use white acrylic color for drawing beard, red color to paint hat and black to paint eyes and outline of face. Use traditional color combinations for a traditional look. For those who want to opt for unique look, can go for unusual and unique color combinations.
snowflake nail artnail art for christmas
Other famous Christmas figure is snowman. Snowman nail art design is also a great idea for decorating nails for a Christmas party. Snowman nail art only requires two colors, i.e. black and white. Use a white polish to make three circles, one on top of the other in different sizes. These circles will represent body and with black nail color details like eyes and buttons can be added.
winter nail art trends
Don’t create Santa Claus or snowman designs on all fingers. For every finger try to make a unique design with beautiful nail colors. It is very important that you should make a nail art according to your party dress. Try to keep same colors in your nail art for a stylish look. Scroll through FashionFame.com and also check out Bridal nail art trends for wedding and Bridal nail beauty tips.
santa claus nail art for christmas
Snowflakes nail art designs can be painted with many beautiful color combinations. Black and white, blue and white, or Green, white and gold; use any color combination for making alluring snow flakes on nails. Apply a base coat of red or green polish.
After that use a striper brush, white nail polish and make lines to create snowflake designs. You can create small as well as big designs according to your style.
snowflake nail art for christmas
You can also create beautiful winter scenes on nails with your imaginations. For creating perfect cool winter designs, it is very important to use right color combinations. Use blue and white nail paint colors for creating snowman scenes outside of home. Pick green, red and gold colors for creating Christmas tree on a road. You can create endless winter designs for a Christmas themed nail art.
snowman nail art
Embellished nail art is also a popular nail art for festivals. Go for embellished nail art if you want something glitzy and flashy. Christmas nail art designs can look extremely beautiful if add rhinestones, crystals and glitters. Jazz up your nails with glittery stuff for simple, yet very festive look.
winter nailart
Christmas themed nails will be perfect accent to your party outfit at Christmas party. It is a brilliant way to attract attention and also maintain nails at the same time. So, go ahead and decorate your nails with many Christmas trademark styles and designs for an eye-catching look.
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