17 Dec 2010

Coloured French Tips, Natural Tips, 3D Nail Gems, Jewels and Foil Stickers Clearance

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Our website is currently undergoing a huge transition. We are changing from a product based site to an information site. As a result we are overstocked. So we have drastically reduced the pricing on all of our available stock, while stocks last. Hopefully there are some nail techs that can take advantage of the reduction in price. We have lowered the price to well below the distributors price. International buyers are welcome.

To check out the cost of International post click here.
Cost of Postage within Australia for 1-7 packs of 50 tips is Express AUD$8.50. BRAND CONCEPT & RT SERIES PRE-BUFFED FINISH

Why do these nail tips work?
The Pre-buffed Tip Difference
The latest innovation in nail tip technology- these tips have been created with a rough finish. These tips are referred to as Pre-buffed simply because the surface is so rough it is though they have been pre-buffed which means there is no shine that needs to be buffed off. So there is no need to buff over the designed area.
We are not currently producing the pre-buffed tips. I am happy to answer any questions with regards to the tips as well as the pre-buffed concept itself. We designed this type of finish for all our clients who had difficulty working with the smooth finish pre-designed tips.
They are a great way to ensure stability and to prepare the tip surface for application without buffing.

These are tips with our nail art applied to them that do not have glitter added. As a result there is no rough finish as in the above mentioned tips, however there is ample room for buffing off the shine. These tips are the option for those nail techs that are too busy to add nail gems and jewels. The gems and jewels are sold seperately for those nail techs that would rather apply the nail art themselves. Remember while applying nail art may be simple the client is more likely to choose whatever the nail tech has on so it is a good idea to display your purchases.

Tip Quality
All our designs are done on tips of virgin ABS resin. The tips are prepared in a manner similar to an artist's canvas. This preparation is key. Not only does it insure a secure pigment in the design- which means no bleeding of colours, but it also creates a rough surface that both acrylic and gel just love. Which means nail application products just hug the surface without buffing. 


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