29 Jan 2011


Video links

We have added a number of video links to our site as well which focus on nail art. We are always out there looking, so send us details on what you are after and we may be able to find just the right link or video tutorial to help you and others like yourself. Here are two examples of the video links that have been added to the site:

Video links

When watching the video links please be sure to keep your cursor off the viewing area. When using dial up networks please click on the play icon in the centre of the video screen then hit the pause button in the bottom left corner and wait for the video to fully download before watching it. You will know the download has been completed when a thin grey line has moved from the left to the far right of the thin grey bar extending from the circle with the red dot. Otherwise the download speed will be too slow on the first viewing and the image will freeze continously. Use broadband / adsl for optimum viewing. If anyone out there has a video of the nail art they have done showing off their work email us with the details. 


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