7 Mar 2011

Clear Top Coat

After going to the trouble of getting a special manicure with art, you will want to protect it. Seche Vite is tough stuff! It must be one of the toughest top coats anywhere. In fact when it dries it has similar durability to nail gel! You can even file it the same way you can file gel. But it is beautifully self leveling, so no filing should be necessary.

Seche Vite gets much thicker with time (over a year), and can even get a bit "stringy" like old glue. Yet the price is fair and the plus side of the extra thickness with age is additional durability. If you usually apply one coat of Seche Vite for a standard manicure, apply two coats on a nail art manicure which is typically more difficult to "touch up" if it chips.

Red Nails for Valentine's Day + Chocolates
Chocolates with metallic red wrapping. This set shows you the art of matching nail colors with your environment.


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