9 May 2011

3D Spider Nail Designs

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Would you like to be the hit at your next halloween party? Add a festive touch to any halloween costume with these easy-to-make halloween nail art ideas!
things you’ll need:
  • Nail Polish Base Coat
  • Nail Polish of your choice
  • Nail Polish Top Coat
  • Nail Art Brush

  1. Creating a fun and festive nail design is a great way to dress up any halloween costume, or to bring a little of this fun and spooky holiday with you into the office. To begin to create your spiderweb halloween nails, paint a clear base coat onto all of your nails and allow it to dry, which should take about 5 minutes. This acts to protect your natural nails from the Nail Polish as well as to give the Nail Polish something to cling to, so it is a very important step!3D Spider Nail Designs 1 320x240 3D Spider Nail Designs
  2. Once your base coat has dried, pick a color for your solid coat. A nice orange is a great color to choose for the halloween nails, but black, gray or green are also great. Remember, you are going to be painting the spiderwebs on top of this color!. Paint your nails totally with the solid color that you have chosen. This may take two or even three coats (depending on the polish) to get the desired effect. Remember, you want your nails to be completely covered! Wait for this solid coat to dry before moving onto the next step.
  3. For your spiderwebs, you want a color that will stand out against your solid coat. Black on orange always looks great for halloween, but remember that white on black, black on green or orange on black are all great combinations, or use colors not associated with halloween for a more avante garde look!. Once you have chosen your spiderweb color, get ready to paint by dipping your Nail Art Brush into the paint bottle and gently wiping it against the rim…we are going to paint delicate lines, so you want to make sure you are not going to have any big glops of Nail Polish on your brush!
  4. Begin by drawing a 90 degree angle in the corner of your nail at the base near the cuticle. Then draw a straight line up from the corner of the nail, creating two 45 degree angles.
  5. To create your spiderwebs, connect the three lines to each other with swooping lines in between. Connect the bottom line to the middle line and the middle line to the top line. Do this again, right above the first set of swooping lines to create two rows of curved lines.
  6. If your spiderwebs still look a little bit sparse, use the nail brush to draw more straight lines in between the 45 degree angles that we already created. Simply begin in the corner of the nail where the web is based and draw a straight line outward. This should give your spiderwebs a more intricate and delicate look, just like the real thing!
  7. Once you have painted all of your spiderwebs and allowed them to dry, finish off this fun nail design with a clear top coat to protect it from chipping. You don’t want all of that work to be destroyed!


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