24 Dec 2011


The Essence of Airbrushing
These were Donna T.'s nails (below)after positioning them around a purple boa while holding a perfume bottle. Easy, but highly effective!
Model: Donna T.

Showing off...
Nails I did for a nail exhibition in Brighton, England. Each of her nails demonstrated a different design and technique used to achieve it.
Model: Amanda Veldman

My nails airbrushed with an abstract design.
The "secret" is out! To read how I do airbrushing on myself. Continue reading this section.
Model: Myself - Gina Wallace

My version of Galaxy Nails
Airbrushed background in mostly black with highlighted areas of yellow and pink. Add oversprayed circles and moons in various colors, then add white flashes of specks with a toothbrush.
Model: Donna T.

Summertime Fun
Hot weather and tropical images are the themes here. This design is sure to boost anyone's spirits!
Model: Annie

The Ultimate French Chevron
OPI's Cotton Candy adorns the background. Then I airbrushed a french chevron on the tips. Finally, I inlayed gold striping tape and teardrops in the center. GREAT for brides!
Model: Jennifer

The Eyes Have It!
Abstract airbrush of various color blends with black and blue images sprayed in the foreground. (A magazine cover shoot; also on my home page.)
Model: Maria Aune

WOW Nails! (Women on War-path)
Nails cut in different shapes then airbrushed with various designs of complimentary colors. This effort was requested by a UK Nails trader's magazine.
Model: Donna T.

For Whom The Bell Tolls
Gradient with inverted, oversprayed images.
Model: Janette Haynes

Simple Yet Festive
Gradient blended background with a single image,inverted at both ends. Rhinestones sealed in the design.
Model: Irene

Get Noticed
"The wilder the better" is some client's attitude about airbrushing. Annie enjoyed showing off her decorations!
Model: Annie

Airbrushing Nails with Lace -- This simple effort takes 10 minutes to do. As you can see, it matched my dress perfectly for a formal military ball!
Model: Myself, Gina Wallace

Chevron French Manicure
This easy little number will stop most people in their tracks to look because of the clean, crisp lines.
Model: Hazel

Wild and Crazy
This airbrush-loving, former client of mine is now a nail tech herself! (In fact, THREE of my former clients are now professional technicians. What a testimony!)
Model: Moya Martinez

Tropical Paradise
The background of these nails are airbrushed while palm trees were hand painted on both ring fingers with a thin striper brush!
Model: (Can't recall...sorry!)

Swirls of Color
A gradient background of various colors with a two double-blown images airbrushed on top.

An Uplifting Abstract
These blends of yellow and orange would put sunshine in anyone's day!
Model: Doris Smith

Get Noticed...
with this bold statement. A blend of blues, purples and greens make this creation a show-stopper.
Model: Moya

Airbrushing on 9....
and a hand-painted face on the ring finger. You can see a super close up of this on the AIRBRUSH AND FREEHAND COMBINATIONS page.
Model: Carol Corner

Patriotic Stars
For the Fourth of July one year, I airbrushed the background with several colors, then placed cheap star stickers on the nails firmly. Then I airbrushed white all over, then a medium blue. After I removed the stickers, this was the end result!
Model: Moya

Learn the "HOME LEARN" Way!
Learn all the techniques I used to create these designs (and MORE!) by purchasing my HOME LEARN AIRBRUSHING COURSE/KIT.

"We don't just make nails, we make nail technicians!"


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