24 Dec 2011


Holly on Holly
Hand-painted holly and candy cane for a definite Christmas-time favorite.
Model: Holly (Her REAL name!)

Flower Power
Hand-painted flowers that matched Maria's earrings. Just goes to prove that ANY design can be duplicated!
Model: Maria Aune

Crisscross on Red
This design looks simple, but took me over an hour to hand paint on all 10 nails because of the intricate straight lines and overlaps.
Model: Holly

Hand painted carnations adorn this client's nails.
A flat brush triple loaded with two to three colors, dabbed on the nail, lifted, then rotated, and repeated makes this technique easy to do.

Double-Dipped Carnations
This is the same version as the previous picture except I used different colors.

Hand Paintaed Winnie the Pooh and Friends -
I airbrushed the background, then hand-painted these characters on my model's nails for an exhibition in London, England, 1999.
Model: Corrina

For a UK Nails Magazine
I was asked to demonstrate my freehand nail art talent for a UK trader's magazine so I did all the Snow White and 7 Dwarf characters!
Model: Kristi Joseph

Tiggers are Wonderful Things
Stephanie had a major crush on Tigger. She even had a Tigger tattoo on her hip! So why not on her nail, right? Hand painting Tigger took 15 minutes to complete.
Model: Stephanie

Another Face
Here, I hand painted another woman's face on Jeanette's two ring fingers.
Model: Jeanette Gotshall


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